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Here are some of the women I have helped to reach their full potential telling their positive birthing stories.....

Christel's Story

For as long as I can remember, I have always been wondering if and how I would be able to become a mum; indeed the idea of delivering was scary and associated with bad feelings and bad images from other people.


Finally the desire to have a baby became strong enough to “risk” the delivery. This is how I felt; it was a “risk”, knowing that it would be so painful, so stressful and unbearable!


During my pregnancy, my partner and I decided to attend some NCT classes to help us preparing the delivery, the labour and becoming parents.  On top of this, we crossed paths with Cécile, and with her, the opportunity to discover HypnoBirthing.


At the beginning, I thought we had nothing to loose and should try few sessions of HypnoBirthing. I was not entirely convinced about it, how useful and realistic it could and would be on the 'D day'!

HypnoBirthing does not tell you what you should or should not do, it helps you to be relaxed, concentrated and be peaceful. You choose what you want to do from the suggestions and techniques you learn. It also helps the couple to work together throughout the birth.


The truth is, it helped us to have our perfect birth - more than I could have hoped for. I was not stressed, I had no fears. I was ready to meet our baby, ready for her to let us be parents. I did not use all the concepts and tricks we “learnt”.  I chose to do what I felt was right  for me. I was relaxed, calm and my partner had confidence in his role too.


I remember myself on a bed, concentrated on my breathing and listening to music, waiting for our little girl to come into our lives.


I have no regret and instead, a lot of thanks to give to Cécile as she and HypnoBirthing made me free from my fears; she helped me deliver my baby in a safe and happy way. Our daughter gave a brief cry and then was on my chest, relaxed, eyes opened for hours and ready for a peaceful life.

Happy Mothers

My mother had a very traumatic experience for my own birth and she still recounts the experience like it was my fault. On top of that, I myself witnessed a subsequent traumatic experience when I was a child. As such, I grew up with a phobia of childbirth and labour.


When I was pregnant with Sofia, I was paralysed with the fear of my own pending labour to the point I had to seek counselling. Cécile recommended me to try out HypnoBirthing. I never imagined how much difference it made to my difficult final trimester.


After just a few sessions, I was able to embrace my birthing experience to the point I was considering a home water birth.  It's completely changed my perspective on child birth!


Cécile has a wonderful gift - she can transform women's fears and anxieties and channel it into something positive. I cannot say enough about HypnoBirthing and would highly recommend Cécile's HypnoBirthing expertise to anyone who is pregnant. I am now a happy and tired mother of a bouncy 13 month old! Thank you for everything again!

Michelle's Story

I had seen my sister go through a long and traumatic birth and I was determined to be more prepared and empowered for the birth of my baby.  I spoke to my husband who, although supportive, was sceptical and we decided to go through the course with Cecile.  


I think it's very fair to say that my husband found the training sessions a revelation!  He was completely empowered in his role, he was enthusiastic, confident and very comfortable with everything and I was informed, strong and confident about my body and my natural power as a woman.


I used the relaxation techniques throughout my daily life and have continued to since Eartha arrived, in fact I found this a lifesaving skill - just being able to relax really quickly, staying calm in the middle of the night when she was crying, what felt like, endlessly; being able to shutdown and go to sleep within minutes as soon as Eartha was quiet was so valuable.  


Our daughter was 21 days overdue and this meant that we were induced and then after that failed I had an emergency caesarean.... not what we had planned at all! BUT the tools that we had made the whole process much smoother.  Peter was able to help me into instant calm during a very fraught minutes before and during surgery, we used the HypnoBirthing techniques to cope with the situation and this made us both calm.


Cecile was patient, attentive and professional – she’s a gem and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and HypnoBirthing.


Esther's Story

I had a traumatic and long birth with my first child, which had left me very scared and anxious.  I only managed to have one session with Cecile but after that single class, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted and I felt so much more positive towards the forthcoming birth.


Cecile is quietly supportive and informative, with a lovely calming manner to make you feel at ease and take on the concepts and practical tasks. During the birth of our son, I was able to focus on the HypnoBirthing breathing techniques and felt far more confident of my own abilities. Thank you Cecile, your methods were a real help for me and my husband.


Rebecca's Story

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